His Story

Her Story

Your Story

Every person has a unique story to tell about himself or herself, but sometimes needs a prod, a hand, encouragement or expertise to help.

Our lives are made up of memories, experiences, thoughts, activities, events, people, hopes and dreams, achievements, disappointments, knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes we want to reflect, sometimes we want to reminisce, sometimes we want to record.

We help you to recapture and rediscover, enjoy and preserve.

We help you to create a lasting book of memory, life and story that reflects and respects.

Remember and keep your stories for now and the future.

For you, your parent, your grandparent, your children, your grandchildren.

 Books tell a story

Tell yours through a Life Story Book


Mum spent hours recording the family history and her life memories. There were two boxes of hand written notes that then needed to be put in order. None of us could face the challenges with this however the Publishing Co took on the task. Mum enjoyed the process, had happy times working with Sarah on the text and photos and we have  a great completed result. It’s not a book but rather a bound recording of her life. Six copies will be under this year’s Xmas tree!!

Lyn Walker

I started by writing a history of a family house ‘Norwood’ in Brighton, Victoria. The more I discovered the more I realized that there was an important story about all it’s owners and occupants leading me to explore it in context within the history of Victoria and Melbourne. Sarah provided invaluable editorial and production oversight to produce a beautiful full-colour book which has been highly praised.

Roland Johnson