• Publisher and Founder Sarah Crisp has enjoyed publishing for over 25 years. She has worked across the spectrum both in print and online. Sarah has been involved in everything from educational books and children’s literature through to business books and social history.

    With a well-honed eye and flexibility in working with a range of content and authors, Sarah provides clarity and confidence in collaboratively bringing stories to life.

  • We’re here to help authors. The value of a well-edited manuscript can never be over-estimated. From broad structural input to detailed proofreading we can help make your book shine.

  • Design and typesetting are critical to presenting printed books. A professionally designed book reflects well on the author and content and enhances the reading experience.

  • We can arrange the printing of 1 copy or 1,000 copies of a book. Print as a leather bound book or as a soft-back, anything in between or presented as an ebook. Whatever best suits you.

  • Realizing the richness and value of recording individual life stories of family members in their own words too late, and having worked alongside authors who have done so,  we understand how important it is to keep, and remember, and share those stories. So, a new focus on Life Story Books is also available, to help others to capture and create their life story.

  • Cover images of some of the books that Sarah has published are shown below.

    Copies of Norwood are still available. Please visit our contact page to order.