If you’ve ever said “If only I’d asked about….” and wished that you’d paid more attention and so had more of an understanding or knowledge of a relative or a person you’ve admired, and it’s too late to ask them, creating a Life Story Book ensures their story is not lost.

You’d be surprised how interesting your own life is too, once you start writing it down.

When we asked people if they would be interested in having a book produced about a family member 64% of people said they would like to but didn’t have time or the skills or know where to start.

So Life Story Books was launched.

We can help you produce a full memoir or biography, mainly text based, or a snapshot of a person’s life story of text interspersed with photos capturing the milestones of their life.

Already have a full life story written and need assistance in turning the manuscript into a book?

We can do that too.

Whatever you decide you’d like help with we take the lead using our professional publishing experience and skills to make it easier for you.

Books preserve stories.

Keep yours in a Life Story Book.

Save Your Story Workshops

We are thrilled to now be offering Save Your Story Workshops using the Bookform platform.

Similar to online photo book software, but more about the easy collation of real life stories, experiences and knowledge.

Bookform is software that guides anyone through Question & Answer templates to create a print-ready digital book.

If a full book publishing approach is as daunting as writing your story consider using Bookform.

We offer 4 x 2 hour workshops on Bookform taking you through the writing process so you can produce your book yourself.

Eight hour workshop – $99  4 x 2 hours. Minimum of five people. Additional hours can also be arranged.

Plus Subscription to Bookform – $9.90/month or $99 for one year.

Creating your book

  • Interview

    Sometime it’s hard to find the time to just sit and ask about someone’s life. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to ask and sometimes the person finds it easier to focus by talking to a non-family member.

    We start with a meeting with your family member, which is recorded. Generally one to two interviews or meetings covers the key moments of a person’s life. Further interviews as needed may be helpful to further explore details.

    We ask the interviewee to select any photos or other illustrative material to be included in their story book.

  • Editing

    The interview is transcribed and then edited for appropriate book formatting by a professional editor. The value of a well-edited manuscript can never be over-estimated. The person interviewed has full control over all elements of their story.

    If you have a lot of material but are overwhelmed about how to bring it into an order or shape, we can help.

    If you already have your manuscript completed we can edit it and take it from here.

  • Design

    Design and typesetting are critical to presenting printed books. A professionally designed book reflects well on the author and content and enhances the reading experience. It also ensures a book will be appreciated for years to come.

  • Printing

    We can arrange the printing of 1 copy or 1,000 copies of a book. Print as a leather bound book or as a soft-back, anything in between or presented as an ebook. Whatever best suits you.

  • Customize

    You know what you need to help you, so select each and any component which best suits your needs.

  • Pricing

    As every book is individually created the cost differs for each project.  You choose which components you’d like and we’ll work with you to find the right solution for you.  Contact us to find out more.